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R&H Hall - Bird Edition


2024 will see the R&H Hall Silo in the Port of Cork come down.

As we reflect on what this means to us as a city, it's also a great time to read up about the history of the R&H Hall company, how the silos came to be and how plans for the Docklands have evolved over time.

Stepping out of time and place, I have always been drawn to industrial spaces. Not because of the innovation and energy they brought to cities, but rather because as they fell into disuse they became oases of tranquility. How ironic!

I've always loved their open spaces, their vastly unique scale and the kind of circle of life they unwittingly showcase when left unused.

This early morning and early 2024 print is made on a high gloss Canon Pro Platinum paper in easy to frame 8x10 inches or big 16x20 inches sizes.

I am very proud of it and am currently looking into printing it biiiiiiiiig. Please get in touch for more info on additional sizes.